Review: KTM Duke 200 vs Honda CBR 250R

A KTM branded Duke 200 or a Honda branded CBR 250R. One of the frequent question asked by youth now-a-days. Eventhough these two bikes comes from two families having two priority name in the international motor world, this arising question is much fair to be considered because the power generated and the rate tag is the only thing that paves the way for an enthusiast to think at these bikes twice.
Duke comes under the tag of naked street bike whereas CBR comes from pure sports family. Eventhough these two brands moves in two different direction in the international market, they have come face to face in the Indian market. The ultimate way to decide the winner among these two will be to compare them on their respective standards.


The KTM branded orange-black monster is a real crowd puller. The Duke 200 ails from a family with a lot of rally races including the Ducker Race under its belt. This Australian has never ever seen design aesthetics all over its orange black body. It is also designed with the same sense as that of its elder brother the KTM990. The sharp and bold lines all over the body shows its aggression and overall sportiness. Long dragged head lamps, 43mm upside down fork, elegant black multi-spoke alloy wheels, beautifully aligned tiny silencer to the center of the bike, visible main frame, wide riding seats, small pillion seats, appropriate LED tail lamp, clear lens indicators, small tail section, long mud guard, wide tyres and rear hugger, this bike has a new concept of manufacturing in every inch of the bike.


 Honda CBR 250's all elements of styling comes from pure sports genus. The same copy of its elder brother the VFR1200. Full faring and forward fended design increases the sporty appeal of the bike. The main plus point of CBR 250R is its manufacturer Honda logo and the finish provided by Honda to its products. The Y-shaped head lamps, full body faring, big fuel tank and wide tyres gives the bike a big boy image.

It has 199.50cc liquid cooled 4-stroke engine, which gives out 25.48bhp power @ 1000RPM and 19.2Nm torque @ 8000RPM. The engine has been designed to deliver balanced power band and better mid-range performance.


It has 249cc liquid cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine. The same 4 valve DOHC technique have been used in both the bikes. It gives out 28bhp @8500RPM and 22.9Nm torque @ 7000RPM. Comparing with the Duke it has an additional 3.7Nm torque.



When getting on to the seat the rider tends to get the real idea how the tank has been designed. It provides the rider with maximum comfort, both tall and fat beings can have good time on the bike. The riders seat has been adjusted so as to ride the bike without any strain on the back on long routes, still the switch cluster and handle grip lag in finish. On turning the key, the digital console displays a lot of information and warnings like engine RPM, speedo-meter, odometer, fuel gauge, side stand, petrol remaining and battery life. Due to display's small font size it can be hard to make out the display in usual day light.
It has got a six speed gear box, the perfection in manufacturing and balanced weight make it more easier to handle. 136kg is the whole weight of the vehicle. 38mm throttle body enable quick racing throttle response around the city. Engine knocking is very much minimised at low speeds on higher gear .134kmph is the maximum speed attained by the KTM machine. Front USD forks and rear mono-shock suspension give appreciable performance in utter Indian conditions. Wide MRF tyres provide maximum stability in all riding conditions. The pillion rider won't be that comfortable due to small size of pillion seats.

CBR has front forward sporty seating position. The clip-on handle bars provide best assistance to it. Clear instrument cluster, RPM meter in analogue it also has a six speed transmission and a top speed of 153kmph. Its smooth high performance suspension is not that smooth in all riding conditions. On comparing with Duke the pillion rider can have a steady ride.

When the two bikes are considered on the stands of power, styling and performance both of them are on the same crust. Duke gives better performance on long rides and in fact it provides better performance in almost all the conditions. The CBR is for sports bike enthusiasts and its perfection in cornering and stability is only needed to take CBR into heart. When fuel efficiency and rate tag is incorporated into comparison KTM Duke gives a steady mileage of 35-40kmpl and comes under the rate tag of Rs. 1.21Lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai). Honda CBR 250R gives a mileage of 30-35kmpl and comes under the rate tag of Rs 1.52Lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai).

After all the Australian KTM Duke200 proves to be the value for money.

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